The BCI_Study is a psychology of coaching research study aimed at exploring community life coaching for the African and African Diaspora communities in the UK and beyond.

It is our intention to create a distinctive and inspiring project that confirms the value of community life coaching for diverse communities globally.

The community life coaching project will be delivered within African and African Diaspora communities and delivered by African and African Diaspora Coachers based within those communities.

The next stage of the BCI_Study will establish community life coaching projects in Birmingham and Manchester (UK).

benefit 1

Make an Impact by participating in Coaching Research

benefit 2

Professional Development Opportunities

benefit 3

Networking with other Coachers who share interests

benefit 4

Enhance Coaching skills, tools and techniques

Coachers Coaching Day

The BCI_Study will require the support of Coachers like You.

  • Coachers who are passionate and committed to making a difference.
  • Coachers who want to be at the forefront of evidence-based Coaching Research

Friday 30th June 2023

Coachers Recruitment Coaching Day

Coachers will be asked to;

  • Conduct a Coaching Session
  • Engage in a Goal Setting Process
  • Demonstrate ability to Build Rapport

Client Testimonials

“The insights that I gained in such a short time were so much more than I could have possibly expected. The coach was friendly and very knowledgeable and supportive. Thank You”
Claire W.
“An interesting experience, I stopped to find out what was happening. When I was offered the chance to be coached I accepted because I had time. I now understand why I procrastinate and how to move pass this.”
Dr Charles T